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This platform has stopped operating since 19 July, 2013. All information are for reference only.
Please read up the background information under "References" and the two sets of questions under "Open Forum" before joining the discussion.
About the Platform

The objective of establishing this Hall Development Opinion Platform is to provide an open, free and credible platform for students, staff and graduates of the University of Hong Kong to express their views on Hall Development of the University. The Platform is set up under the auspices of the Task Force on Hall Admission Quotas under the Committee on Halls, and operated by the Public Opinion Programme (HKUPOP).

Members of the Platform are expected to be university students, staff and graduates who care about hall development. Any such person can register as members of the Platform free of charge.

The Task Force on Hall Admission Quotas under the Committee on Halls would like to invite students, staff and alumni to discuss the following questions in this Forum:

  • On the idea of "need quota" - Do you agree or disagree that any freshman who is in "absolute need" of a hall place should be offered one? If yes, how would you define "absolute need"? Should he/she be provided residence for the whole duration of studies? How about his/her entitlement after living one year in hall? Should there be a ceiling, in individual halls and/or across all halls, for this "absolute need" quota? If yes, what should be the maximum percentage? If the number of "absolutely needy" freshmen exceeds this ceiling, how should the university take care of these extra students?

  • On the idea of "general quota" - Assuming that each hall adopts a certain "absolute need" quota, how should the remaining places (so-called "general quota") be filled? What should be the mechanism/procedures for admitting and re-admitting students to halls under these general quotas?
At registration, they are required to provide a HKU email address for verification purpose, in addition to their real names. They can, however, choose whether or not to provide their residential addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and so on. All personal information thus supplied will be kept confidential by HKUPOP except that all names in full will be published for public reference.

All registrations will be done through HKUPOP's official website. Each Platform member will determine one's own password upon registration, which can be used to submit named or anonymous messages at the Platform. All responsibilities, legal and otherwise, arising from any such message shall vest entirely with its author. Platform members can change their passwords any time. Shall there be any reasonable doubt, HKUPOP can require any Platform member to prove the authenticity of one's name by submitting more documents. Failure to comply may result in the cancellation of the user account by HKUPOP.

HKUPOP will regularly update the personal information of Platform members free of charge. All information provided will only be used for conducting and analyzing opinion surveys.

This Platform is expected to run up to the end of October 2007 in the first instance.