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Consultation on Hall Admission Quotas

Dear Students,

Subject: Consultation on Hall Admission Quotas

On behalf of the Task Force on Hall Admission Quotas (hereafter known as TF) set up under the Committee on Halls (CoH), I am writing to invite you to provide us with your views on the future admission quotas of halls. .

The issue of admission quotas has been accorded great importance by CoH amongst its various issues of concern and has been debated from time to time. The CoH considered it timely to review the issue of admission quotas to cater for students of different backgrounds and needs, initially at the meeting held in November 2006. On March 1, 2007, the issue was thoroughly debated by both staff and student members of the Committee. It was eventually decided to set up the TF to develop a new admission scheme to replace the existing one.

The TF will launch a full consultation exercise to solicit your views. It will submit its recommendations to the Senate, via the Committee on Student Affairs and the Committee on Halls in the academic year 2007-8.

The first round of consultation will begin with an online collection of your views at the opinion platform http://hall.hkpop.hk/eng/. May I cordially invite you to visit the platform, study the background information, and give us your views. Your input will be very crucial for the development of halls at HKU.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,

Albert Chau
Dean of Student Affairs